3D Creative Studio for architecture

By Numériplan
specialist of individual house since 2004
Visualization in fixed, animated and dynamic imagery

Realistic perspective, video, 360 ° view, virtual and augmented reality for architecture

Your multimedia marketing tools by experts in drawing and projection in building.
3D imaging for mobile support, web and print

Our solutions in 3D computer graphics for architecture

Composed of experts in computer graphics for architecture, the studio combines creativity and innovative technologies. We can work on the basis of your 3D mockup or involve our draughtsmen to build the digital model of your project.

3D applications in virtual reality for architecture

We have combined the experience of technical drawing in building with the technologies of virtual and augmented reality. With a 3D engineering approach, we reduce costs through systematic analysis and automation based on a standard BIM description.

3D apps in real time rendering and virtual reality

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Professionals, improve the communication of your real estate projects

These decision-making tools can be used in commercial meetings but also boost your open doors and exhibitions. Choose an adapted support to draw attention to the assets of your projects and facilitate the consultation. 3D imagery and virtual reality for architecture simplify exchanges with your prospects !

3D imagery for individual house builder

Individual house builder

Virtual reality for main contractor


3D fixed and animated computer graphics for architect


Augmented Reality and Interior Perspective for artisan


Augmented reality at the service of real estate

Real estate developer

3D perspective and virtual tour for social landlord

Social landlord