Virtual tour for architecture, construction and real estate

The technological solution for a realistic visit before construction

Professionals, differentiate yourself thanks to virtual visit


Your customers in their habitat as early as draft


The points of consultation on the 3D model


The conversion rate with this marketing tool


Your customers by presenting them the finished project

SeenoVR - Virtual reality

Sensory discovery with a physical feeling of spaces

Virtual reality allows an immersive visit to scale within the architecture and its close environment. Boost your communication and your events thanks to this new communication support.

Virtual reality at the service of architecture, construction and real estate

Virtual reality for different sectors of building all over France

Real estate consulting

The furniture can be used everywhere, in shopping centers, trade shows, at the manufacturer.

Real estate development

The virtual tour developed by Numériplan allows us to present our rehabilitation project as a whole and to visit housing.

Individual house

Being able to visit his house before construction is a plus that allowed us to validate our choices.

Furniture equipped with virtual reality for real estate

SeenoBOX - Equipped furniture

A quick turnkey installation, ready to use instantly

Virtual reality involves having a bespoke installation with motion tracking sensors and a powerful computer. To ensure that material management is not a constraint, we have created a fully equipped and mobile furniture. Quick to deploy and easy to use, it is also designed to avoid the necessary calibration steps when moving a virtual reality configuration.

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